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Kilian’s Human and Operating Resources

Human Resources

  • Management having held top positions in the airline and travel business for many decades.Multilingual operating staff with experience in each particular market and activity developped by the company
  • Total staff as of March 2011 : 10 people

Main officers

  • Edgardo J. DEMARIA, former Vice President (member of the Executive Board) and Commercial Manager of Aerolineas Argentinas, Head Office in Buenos Aires, and subsequently head of different regional offices in European / Middle East countries and finaly as General Manager of France – Benelux Office. With more than 30 years experience.
  • Monika G. KILIAN, sales operations executive for TAP (Portugal) and Aerolineas Argentinas



KILIAN Representations
4 Rue du Fournil - Raville - F-28500 CHERISY - FRANCE
Tel +33 6 85 12 57 93