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Kilian’s Performance and History

As a GSA

With MEXICANA de Aviacion

Raised sales from US$ 1 milion in 1989 near 4 million in 1994, over 5 million per year from 1995
Yearly average from 1998 to 2001, 6 millions US Dollars.

From 2006, yearly average 12 millions US Dollars.

With LAN Airlines
Raised sales from a few thousands of dollars in 1993 to over 1.2 million in 1994, over 2 millions per year from 1995. Yearly average from 1999 to 2002, 5 millions US Dollars.

From 2003, due to new LAN operations (besides Chile) Lan Peru, Lan Ecuador, Lan Argentina, yearly average 7.5 millions US Dollars.

2006 : achieved production of 9.3 millions US Dollars.

2007 : achieved production of 14 millions US Dollars.

2008 - 2009 : yearly sales production over 22 millions US Dollars.

Appointed Kilian in Dec 95 as European reservation center in France and to provide to other GSA’s of the company in Europe reservations services, based in its experience in the Airline field

AVIAREPS – Airline Management Group AG
From June 2000 to july 2002, Kilian concluded a cooperations agreement with Aviareps – Airline Management Group AG, one of the world’s biggest airline representations organisation, to introduce in France

- Bahamas Air (Bahamas)
- Air Baltic (Latvia)
- BWIA – West Indies Airways (Trinidad and Tobago)

Hotels, under the trademark of Aviareps “Best Choice”:
- Sporting Vacanze (Sun Sporting Holidays Ltd) - Italy
- Leisure (Club) Hotels in Granada, Tobago & Maldives

ALPI EAGLES – Private Regular Airline - Italy
From 01 Jan 2001 to 31 Dec 2001. Contract for sales + reservations promotion in France, to support Alpi Eagles operation of a daily flight CDG NAP CAT NAP CDG. After Sep 11 / 2001, the company decided to stop this on line operation in Paris due to decreased traffic demand.

HAHN AIR (Germany)

GSA Contract and specially dedicated for introducing in France th HR-BSP system to BSP travel agencies ans their pass proposals. (from march 2000 to 31 december 2003)

TAM (Brazil)

GSA for Southern France (from june 2000 to 30 novembre 2004) as sales and marketing assistance to the company's Head Office in Paris / France.


Kilian Representations established since January 2000 a plan to diversify areas of representations and obtained new contracts :

- AIR BOTSWANA (Botswana - Southern Africa) from Septembre 2000 as GSA France

- SMARTWINGS (Chzech Republic) low cost airline, two daily flights from Paris CDG 3 to Prague and return (from 01 novembre 2004 - GSA France)

- GULF AIR (United Arab Emirates)

Sales promotion contract for the french departments : Midi Pyrénées - Aquitaine - Rhône Alpes (from 30 jun 2004 to 30 jun 2006)


Sales promotion contract for the introduction of tht company in Southern France (Midi Pyrénées - Aquitaine - Rhône Alpes) from 30 jun 2004 until 30 september 2008.

- AIR SEYCHELLES (Seychelles)

Sales promotion contract for Southern France (from february 2004 tu july 2011)


Sub-GSA contract for France (from November 2005 until April 2008)


… the proactive marketing approach of Kilian has generated the above results.

As an Airline Consultant

In 1991, Mr Edgardo J. DEMARIA was hired by VASP – Brazilian Airlines as vicepresident Europe / Africa and Kilian s.a.r.l. as GSA., to create and develop the European operations of VASP (Brazilian Airline). In less than two years sales went from NIL to US$ 2.5 million. VASP afterwards (1993) decided to run operations from their own newly established office in Brussels / Frankfurt / Barcelona / Zurich, etc. until the cancelation of international services in 2000/2001.

Cooperated with MEXICANA to achieve SPA (Special Prorate Agreement) with European Air Carriers.

Cooperated with AEROCARIBE (Regional Airline of MEXICANA) to introduce jet regional services within Mexico - Mayan Route - as well as the commercial offer for the French market.

Cooperated with LAN Airlines for legal matters and business relation to establish the company in France, as well as introduction in the BSP France

SPANAIR (Private regular + Charter Airline of Spain)
01 may 99 to 25 mar 2000
Special contract to introduce Spanair in France and to prepare the on-line operation of 3 daily flights CDG MAD CDG + CDG BCN CDG planned to middle 2000, and successfully dealed.

Assisted Spanair in all commercial issues (BSP + Tour Operator R,Nego fares + Sales promotions plans) as well as legal matters (registration in France) interline and airport relations (ADP CDG1) and staff selection.


Products and services for airlines :

Kilian representations (through its membership to the APG GLOBAL ASSOCIATES - is able to provide and assist airlines for entering into systems like I.B.C.S. (Iata BSP Consolidated System), I.E.T (Interline Electronic Ticketing system), Call center, etc ... as well as other technical business solutions to minimize operational costs.


As an independent enterprise

Since starting operations, every balance closed with positive results with yearly gross sales volume of over US$ 30 millions.

KILIAN Representations
4 Rue du Fournil - Raville - F-28500 CHERISY - FRANCE
Tel +33 6 85 12 57 93